Friday, March 8, 2013

Pearlex and Perfect Pearls

Can anyone tell me if these products work in the same way, I have one type and don't want to buy others if they're the same.  Thanks in advance.
JAC1693+JAC1692 Pearl Ex Duo Colors        
A couple of websites I found that might be interesting:
ranger ink


  1. I have both Perfect Pearls and Pearlex. They are not exactly the same. Pearl Ex is pigment and mica. It does not have a fixative agent, so you have to use wax, glues or acrylic sealers to make it permanent. Perfect pearls has a fixative in it, so if you mix it with water, or rub it on a surface, it is permanent without wiping off. If you are using it for scrapping and on some other surfaces like paper, fimo clay and the like, I would stick with Perfect Pearls. I don't use my Pearlex that often for that reason. What I love even more are Lindy's Stamp Gang Magical Micas!! They have everything mixed into one pot. Ready to use with a little water added to it. There are other ways to use it as well. And the colors are gorgeous!!

  2. I have luminarte ones which are just a pigment powder and my friend has the perfect pearls which look exactly the same and we use them the same way. I would will have to keep an eye out here and see what other say.

  3. I reckon Lisa 's said it all ....sounds right to me:):):)

  4. oo I have neither and have learnt something here!!

  5. Hello Sandra, I also concur with Lisa G. I have both products and use them a little differently. I primarily buy the Pearl Ex in the color of white and add colored mists to create different colors. I also have in my inventory a fixative which works well with the Pearl Ex and pan pastels. I find the Krylon Workable Fixatif (in a spray can) works great! Good luck.

  6. Im so glad I saw this, I was wondering the exact same thing... I have a couple of perfect pearls, and today, was looking at pearl ex ?? I might go check out the Lindys ones before I buy any... thansk for asking this question Sandra... xx