Saturday, April 6, 2013


Gosh I hope I've set this up correctly, you can now follow me on Bloglovin. I think you just click on the button on my sidebar.


  1. Hi Sandra.. I have just clicked on the blog lovin link on the side of your blog and I got your blog so I think it is all set up ok.. I am NOT computer savvy by any means, I get my daughters to help me at times when I just don't know what I have done and I have a funny screen on my computer!!haha!! So hopefully you are set up ok.. I have a lot of blogs on the side of my blog that I see as soon as they post and I like to let people know I have been there by leaving a comment.. The only time i go to google reader is when I have been down the side of my blog and visited everyone there and am up to date with them I go to blogger and see the reader come up.. after July I am just going to go to bloglovin and get a very similar thing happen and all the blogs I am following (which is over 500 I have found out!!haha!!) and catch the ones that I dont have on the side of my blog.. I hope that makes sense.. and I am hoping that any blogs I join between now and then go onto the bloglovin site too.. I just wish they would leave technology alone!! If it aint broke then dont fix it ... or change it...So rest assured when I clicked on the bloglovin link I got your blog... Have a great weekend... and thanks for leaving such lovely comments too.. it is nice when people let you know they have called by and then I can go and say hi to them too!!! xxlizzy

  2. Oh and this was the link I used to get all my blogs from google reader onto bloglovin...
    It was quite easy to do...just had to click on the blue link and it did it for you.... just thought I would mention that if you have already done that then thats good!!