Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sorting Photos - Arggh!

  • I've spent the best part of today sorting through photos (thanks to the digital world), I had heaps printed but not in date or any other order so I finally bit the bullet and started to sort. 
  • I set the computer next to me and started to open the paper packets to ensure the date was put on them.  Next they went into date order in boxes ready for cross checking on the computer to see if I've missed printing any.
  • The hardest part of sorting is to come - the older photos from film that have previously been misplaced and re-found and also photos people have given me.
Thanks for taking the time to have a read, a bit boring I know because I'd rather be scrapping with so many great challenges this month.


  1. Oh, what a great effort my friend.... I really really need to do the same.. There just never seems to be the time..Like ytou, I will just have to make time... hope all is good in your world xx

  2. Oh I know what you mean, I sort then and I mess them up again and start the process again....grrrr