Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Liebster Blog Awards

I hadn't heard of this ‘award’ and tried to find out more about it…. but ran into a dead end.
Liebster Award
It's very difficult to find out where it originates or how it started.  So, my conclusion is that it's a chain mail type of thing, and has just continued to go round and round since it started!  Sounds threatening in one sense. However, when you stop and get over the ‘threatening’ bit what’s the harm?  It is all about being nice to five other bloggers.  Hopefully that’s all!  Just sharing the love!
I hope I haven't offended anyone because I've always had a rule for myself not to be involved in chain mail and yet I sent this award to five lovely people before I decided to look into it - didn't find anything but may not do it again...

1 comment:

  1. hey there Sandra! This is a funny little award isn't it now...

    HOLD ON....I did a post a while back on it....

    I tried to make it funny....

    I will happily pass it along, but my way with goodies. Lobster with Butter!

    You want some flowers, throw me your should be on the side of my blog!

    I am making some very pretty flowers these days from my Tim Holtz die...would love to share!