Saturday, July 13, 2013


Hi everyone, can someone tell me if we can see a list of who's following us on the new Bloglovin.  With Google Reader we could see the list and faces and had the ability to block people who didn't seem quite right.  I hope to hear from someone who is more savvy than me with bloglovin.  Thanks in advance.


  1. Hi there, I am like you, still trying to work it all out :) Let me know when and how you do , I need a crash course in this too :)

  2. Hi Sandra, I have had a bit of a play around with bloglovin and so far I have found out that you can see who is following you but I only got 20 names.. I will try and put up the links for you to copy and paste and hopefully see what I did.. I went to bloglovin I clicked on the link on the side of my blog.. in your case click on your link on the right of your should get a page that has your name and then down further you will have latest posts, then followers (however you have) and then similiar blogs.. if you click on the followers it should give you a list of names, however only 20 names came up for me.. then i got this page..{toggle_previous_statuses}
    if you copy the link it will show you that bloglovin has made 20 names available but they are working on making every name available.. I hope they do this soon as it is a good idea to know who is following you like google does with the little photos in the box on our blogs... I hope this has helped you a bit.. I am not too savvy about such things but I will click on links to try and find answers!! I still have the reader thingy from blogger so I am not sure what reader was sposed to have stopped.. all a bit confusing to me!!hehe.. have a good weekend!!

    1. I hope some of Lizzy's background research will help others as well, shame we can't demand the same capabilities of Google Reader. I'm really disappointed not being able to see everything we had with the version that was working.

  3. LOL Im a bit the same. I can see how many followers but just not who. If you log in the click on the little profile pic up top & click on my blog it tells u how many followers but can't seem to find who they are anywhere either!

  4. Glad you girls have got SOME idea.....does anyone know if Google Friend is staying? I hope so! I'm like you girls - LOVE the boxes with the least Bloglovin' is working on it, by the sounds of it:):)