Monday, June 24, 2013

Bruno's (CSI #77)

My Evidence:
Envelope with Journaling/Story Inside

My Testimony:
Inspiration Words:  Magic, Nature
Story in the Envelope

My Journaling/Story:

Bruno’s Art & Sculpture Garden is in Marysville, Victoria.

On Saturday 7 Feb 2009 a bushfire ravaged the area and Bruno’s home and gallery, along with his famous sculptures and gardens were either damaged or in some cases destroyed.

Bruno and his family, with the help of friends and the local community rebuilt the gallery, home and the beautiful, magical, garden full of his famous sculptures.

We visited the area earlier this year and were amazed at how nature has a way of repairing itself, the gardens were so full of new growth of ferns and grasses.  Bruno has done an amazing job of rebuilding his home, gallery and garden.  
I have given a link so you can see the changes.


  1. It's all beautiful...& that BANNER really catches the eye...looks fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nature is pretty amazing, isn't it? So sad that so much was damaged or destroyed, but so touching that the community (and nature) helped to rebuild.
    Lovely layout and great use of the case.