Friday, November 30, 2012

Limit on Storage

This morning I tried to upload an image and was told I'm at my limit for photos so I have to learn what to do so I don't have to purchase and pay each month.  I've tried deleting some posts but the computer says NO you are at your storage limit.
I'll have to get my DH to have a look and see if we can rectify my problem............... unless anyone has a quick fix on what they do for storage and can advise me.


  1. When uploading photographs to your blog, they need to be reduced in size -otherwise you use up the 'space' allocated pretty quickly.
    Blogger stores our pictures in picasa, If you go to this link, you can delete older photographs. It is a shame to delete them though, as many people do read back.

  2. Thanks so much Sandie, I've started to reduce them in size and it seems to work well.