Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Beautiful Hippeastrums

I've just popped in to share a couple of photos with you, we have a beautiful sunny day here today and seeing the plants come into flower is a reminder of our glorious spring weather.

My grandmother gave me the bulbs for these Hippeastrums and every year when they bloom my memories of her come flooding back.  When I walk into my garden I say "Hi Ma' and I feel a sense of closeness to her, she was so much more than a grandmother to me, she was also my best friend and mentor.
This photo is of my other favourite plant in the garden, it's a grevillea named 'Ned Kelly', I bought it because Kelly was my grandparents surname and my grandfather always told me we were related to Ned...............


  1. They are just beautiful! I can see little snippets of your garden and it looks divine - I wish I had a green thumb but all I seem to grow well are weeds haha!

  2. Lovely photos! My favourite is the second flower! :D

  3. Beautiful photos Sandra, and lovely story as well.