Wednesday, May 30, 2012


I can't remember who I asked what Pfft means so I'm hoping someone may be able to tell me.  So far I've learnt RAK, SAHM, LO, DH, DD, DS. 
We have acronyms everywhere, I know at work I always felt sorry for new employees because they must have thought we were talking a foreign language at times so I'm keen to learn those used in the blogging scrapbooking world.
Thanks in advance.


  1. I think it means your annoyed!!! I agree on how many acronyms!

  2. I really like 'TTYL' - talk to you later - & LOL, of course, is 'laugh out loud' - & a handy scrapping one is TFS - thanks for sharing!!! That's your lesson for today. SC!!! [I just made that up....Stay Cool!!!???!!!!]

  3. Fancy your Ma's name being almost the same as mine! officially I'm Elizabeth Jean...just scramble the middle letters around & I'm the same....yeek! Freaky ~ in a good way:):):)

  4. Hey, you're doing allright.
    I have no idea what that stands for lol!